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The Nelson Photo News



Pot Pourri


The Nelson Lawn Tennis Association is considering having three coaches at the annual Houston junior coaching clinic instead of two. This year, Peter Steinmetz (Christchurch), shown leading a class through forehand strokes, and Dave Simmonds (Wellington), demonstrating an overhead smash, were kept busy handling 54 young players from the Nelson province and Marlborough. There were more than 70 applications for the week-long clinic, held at Nayland College


Geoffrey Spillett and Sonia Dale could not keep their eyes off the action on the stage, during the Garrick Juniors' presentation of "Rumpel-Stilts-Ken"


Well-known Nelson vocalist Sharon O'Neill will join the Christchurch group 'Chapta,' to take up a fulltime singing career. Sharon (19) was a member of the successful Nelson group 'Suite-water. ' She will give up her job as a programmer with the N.Z.B.C. and plans to join 'Chapta' in mid-October