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The Nelson Photo News



The World of Wheels


The power of panel beating is well illustrated in these photos. Russell Egan bought this 1971 Falcon 351 G. T. in a wrecked condition. The car had been converted from Motueka and crash-ed on the Moutere Hill. Russell got to work with his hammer and the result is a sparkling G.T., capable of about 130 mph. Basically designed for the Bathurst 500 race in Austra-lia, the car has a four speed floor change and it is the type in which Jim Richards won the Gtx saloon races


In the foreground is the powerful 200 h.p. Chev. V-8 motor which Ian Douglas has put in his Vauxhall Victor 200. And, in the background, lifted clear of its mountings, is the former 103 h.p. motor. The 265 cu.in. Chev. unit has been modified to increase the rating by about 20 h.p., to 200 h.p. lan, who works in the Marine Division at Wilkins and Field, is a mechanic, so the job was a piece of cake


You're looking at the only chopper in Nelson. And, it's not copied from the film "Easy Rider," either. John Orchard had the 650 Triumph converted to its present size, of 750 cc, and shape before the film arrived. This is the third bike John's built up, so he's becoming a master at the art. He's got two more on the drawing board, and also a three-wheeled trike. Sounds like fun. John and his wife toured the South Island on this chopper and it went like a charm