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The Nelson Photo News



C.B.A. Branch Opens in Richmond

The Commercial Bank of Australia has gained full branch status in Richmond. In 1925 the C.B.A. opened an agency in Richmond and was the first bank to provide the small community with banking services. Now, almost half a century after those humble beginnings, the bank has opened branch operations in new premises. From 1967 the agency was operated daily from Nelson.


Standing proudly outside their new premises are Graham Duncan (new business officer), Graham McGifford (manager), Lance Elliott (second officer) and Peter Hart


Graham Duncan and Graham McGifford admire some of the old photos in the display of historical Richmond


In the old days some of the C.B.A. customers might have cycled up for service on this penny farthing, displayed by Graham Duncan. Graham had a test run on the monster, but we won't say how he got on