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Au Revoir, Seddon Shield

The West Coast did not play brilliant rugby to win the Seddon Shield from Nelson Bays. They didn't have to. All that was required of the Coast was well-practised, fundamental rugby. And, by doing this, they beat Nelson Bays, 32-12, and ended Bays' six-defended grasp of the shield. While the Coast men went about their task efficiently, Bays bumbled along in a consistently inept manner. There were bright patches in Bays' showing, such as the almost faultless display of fullback Trevor Morris, and some determined running by Terry Mitchell. Occasionally the forwards produced a concerted burst which bustled Coast. But compared with the irregular manner in which Nelson Bays met this stern challenge, the consistent drive of the West Coast forwards, combined with good handling by their backs, was too much. At half-time West Coast led 14-6, and they added another 18 points in the second spell. They scored six tries to Nelson Bays' one.

Why the Secrecy?

It's about time rugby became a bit more public relations conscious. The Seddon Shield match was over. West Coast had won the trophy for the first time since 1964. Excitement and anticipation buzzed through the crowd as the players filed off the field. And that was that. A select few saw Coast captain Ken Beams receive the trophy. Instead of retreating to the inner sanctum of that most holy of rugby establishments, the clubrooms, to make the presentation, why not stage it in front of the crowd? Everyone's heard of the Shield, so let them see it being given away, and so have a share in a fitting finale. They've paid to see the match. Is it such a privilege to witness the presentation that only a handful of officials and players can be present.? C'mon rugby, get with it.


Even a desperate last-ditch tackle by Nelson Bays' fullback Trevor Morris could not stop flying Coast winger Peter Teen from scoring his second try


"Aha. Got it." Ken Beams, Coast's fine utility back, and skipper, proudly holds the Seddon Shield. At the left is Bays'captain Neil Fitzsimmons