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Alexa Sutherland, once a regular contributor to "Photo News" when she lived in Murchison, is now teaching in the Solomon islands. (A. Sutherland)

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The total age of these six sisters is 465 years. And they are all over 70. That's not a bad effort! The ladies are, front: Mrs ten Thomas (Nelson), Mrs Lew Wadsworth (Heretaunga), and Mrs Spence Wadsworth (Tapawera). Back: Mrs Gordon Smith (Nelson), Mrs Roy Griffith (Taihape) and Mrs Charles Wilkinson (Nelson). (Rod Neill Studio)


Officials at the area woolcraft awards were Mrs I. S. Win (co-ordinating committee secretary), Mrs K. W. Lissaman (area contact member), Mrs P. Gibbs (committee chairman) and Mrs H. S. King (Victoria regional co-ordinating committee)


Displaying the garments they hand knitted for one section of the woolcraft contest are Mrs P. Lindsay (Picton), Mrs M. Coleman (Nelson), Mrs K. McWha (Murchison), Mrs J. Ryan (Waimea West) and Mrs C. Pretty (Murchison)