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A Look at Westport's Cement Works

When the New Zealand Cement Holdings Limited works opened in Westport in 1959 it provided a welcomed source of employment for more than 120 men.

The works are situated near Cape Foulwind and the huge chimneys are one of the first sights to greet visitors who travel from Westport to the Cape.

All raw materials, except gypsum which is imported from Australia, are mined locally. There is a limestone quarry in the vicinity of the Cape and coal from the kilns is mined at Stockton.

About 60, 000 tons of cement are railed to Christchurch annually and in 1969 (latest figures available from the Marine Department) 70, 621 tons were carried to North Island centres by ship.


Cement is loaded into transporters tike this to be hauled to ship and rail loading silos at Westport


A view of the works from the road near the main entrance. At the left are the 150ft high chimneys which draw smoke from the kilns. The smaller towers to the right of the chimneys are the slurry blending silos and further to the right are the marl slurry storage silos. The large building behind these silos is the crane store where stockpiles of limestone, gypsum, clinker and coal are kept. At the right are the cement silos where the finished product is stored, ready for transportation