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Roving Camera


Young Narelle Brown (in the Bishop's left arm) may not have been born a Nelsonian, but at least she has been christened so. Narelle is the daughter of Mrs Raymond Brown (right) and grand-daughter of Mrs A. N. Brown, Wakefield R. D. 2. At left is Mrs Gordon Armstrong, of Kawakawa, Auckland, and Sharron. The double christening was performed by Bishop Hulme-Moir at Changi, Singapore, quite recently.


The Nelson representative hockey team capped a particularly good season with a win over Wairarapa. This gave the team the Nordon Cup which will stand alongside the Maadi, McCarthy and Quatre Bras Cups won by the team in strong competition this season. On return from the Wairarapa supporters united with Mayor Stan Russell on the church steps to accord the team a civic welcome home. Congratulations chaps, a great year for Nelson hockey.