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The Nelson Photo News



We Beg to Differ

With this issue we conclude the first 12 months of "Nelson Photo News". That we have done so may come as quite a surprise to some people - sceptics who issued a dismal premise when we decided to commence "Photo News" in Nelson, that we would indeed be fortunate to last six months here. We were told many things about Nelson's citizens. We were told how Nelson was a "sleepy hollow" without a spirit of progress. We were told that nothing ever happens here and that we were making a tremendous mistake coming to Nelson. We Beg To Differ. The sceptics were wrong. Twelve months have passed and we are still publishing - and what is more, we will be publishing for many a year to come. The extent to which you, our readers, have proved these dismal Daniels wrong, can best be gauged from these figures of our circulation during the year. The first issue of "Photo News" sold 3878 copies. The second issue sold more and not long after the turn of the year we could not print enough to satisfy demand. Last month we reached the 7000 mark. At Gisborne, headquarters of our four "Photo News" magazines, it was established that an average of five persons read each copy of "Photo News". On tthat basis, therefore, about 35,000 people are now reading "Nelson Photo News".

Now, a word about our fellow citizens. Once again, We Beg To Differ with these who spoke so disparagingly about Nelsonians aid their city and province. We have found them charming and at all times ready and willing to help us in the establishing and furthering of "Photo News". The degree of co-operation we have received from all sections of the community, could not have been surpassed in any other city in New Zealand.

To all those readers - many from the other side of the world, and others from outside Nelson but within the Dominion - we reciprocate the best wishes you extended to us. We are glad that you like "Photo News", and we shall continue to do our best to maintain the magazine at the standard which you have a right to expect.


What's better after a Saturday ride in the warm spring sunshine than a soft drink and a little relaxation for horse and rider - even if it is on the Nelson College lawn. Jennie Hall, Susan Hall, Margaret Brown and Annette Hall thought it a good idea anyway.