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Helicopter Aid

It has been said often, and it will probably be said again: Nelson is lucky to have a man like John Reid around. Helicopters New Zealand has played a vital part in many rescue operations and few men would be as familiar with the terrain in Nelson province as is John Reid. Recently a young Christchurch woman, Miss Kathrin Wilson, was rushed to hospital by helicopter after her car plunged down a 150ft drop at Totaranui. It was about midnight when the blazing landing lights rent the darkness and the helicopter touched down in the car park near the Nelson Hospital. The pilot who stepped from the craft was John Reid. Miss Wilson was in a serious condition when she arrived but soon recovered. Dr Tony Coates, who accompanied Mr Reid on the flight, changed the plasma supply to the injured woman several times during the journey and held the container, shown in the top photograph, raised for the entire trip. Tribute was paid by Mr Reid to Dr Coates's part in the mercy operation. Also very grateful were Miss Wilson's parents, Mr and Mrs S. T. Wilson, who praised not only the police, doctors and Mr Reid but also Miss Jennifer Wilkes of Wakefield who was in the car with their daughter. She ran three miles back to the Totaranui camping ground for help- a mighty effort after being plunged down a cliff. The other occupant, Andrew Heath of Nelson, was also uninjured.


Miss Wilson is carried from the helicopter to a stretcher and then an ambulance which took her from the car park to the hospital. Dr, Coates is shown supplying plasma


A key figure in the operation was John Reid, here walking from his helicopter to one of his firm's trucks


Smiling again. Kathrin Wilson well on the way to recovery in Nelson Hospital. With her are her parents, Mr and Mrs S. T. Wilson