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From Singapore we've received this engagement photograph of Nelsonian, John Galloway, and his fiancee, Helen Eng Fong. John is the eldest son of Dr and Mrs K. M. Galloway, 332 Hardy Street, Nelson, and Helen is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Goh Chin Ling, of Singapore, Some additional news about John. He's been in Singapore about 18 months, working in North Sumatra as a seismic technician. He flies to North Sumatra for 18 days' work then returns to Singapore for 10 days' leave. The pic (Below Right) shows some of the lads and lasses in the area in which John works. Glad to hear from you, John, and delighted to hear that "Photo News" gives you some pleasure in the jungle.


Making their final appearances in Nelson during Mardi Gras were Nelson's departing P.R.O., Sean O'Hagan and his wife, Doris, and Doris's father, Edgar ("The Great") Benyon. We first saw the team with the Benyon Show when we first came to Nelson. Now they are all leaving - the O'Hagan's for Woollongong and Ben to Auckland where he is now living.


The last four members of the Nelson 1951 Hawke Cup cricket team still living in Nelson (at the time of the photo). From left: Alec Newman (captain), Peter Edwards, Ian Leggat and George Morris (manager). The picture was taken at the cricket association function held to bid farewell to the Leggats, who have shifted to Hamilton.