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The Nelson Photo News





Holland-Wyllie. At St. John's Methodist Church, Nelson, Kay, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Wyllie, 216 Main Road, Stoke, to Richard John, only son of Mr and Mrs H. R. Holland, 18 Tui Glen Road, Atawhai. Attendants were Graeme McConnell, Nelson, and Sandra Wyllie, Nelson, sister of the bride. Future home, Nelson. (Ray Pengelly photo).

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Moffatt-Fergusson. At St. Barnabas's Church, Stoke, Sandra, daughter of Mr and Mrs G. C. S. Fergusson, 391 Wakefield Quay, Nelson, to Peter James, son of Mr and Mrs J. N. F. Moffatt, Christchurch. Attendants were Paul Harding and Philippa Moffatt, sister of the groom, both of Christchurch. Future home, Christchurch. (Rod Neill Studio)