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Roving Camera


The recent stormy weather has left its mark on Tahunanui Beach. City Council staff has worked hard to remove most of the heavy debris, but the whole beach frontage is still littered with rubbish, and its removal would set the staff a tremendous task. With "Anti-Litter Week" just past, and with the holiday season coming up, what chance is there of an all-out community drive to clean up the beach frontage? We take a pride in Tahuna Beach-we can't leave it in its present state for the holiday season.


One of the sections of pre-fabricated, stressed concrete wall for the extensions to the polytechnic block in Hardy Street, being lifted into position by the contractor's new mobile crane. The job is being undertaken by B. R. Malcolm Ltd. The crane's boom can be extended to a maximum of 95ft., and with a 9ft. radius can lift 17 tons.