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The Nelson Photo News



In Earlier Days

We still hear talk about "the good old days" and while it must be admitted that much of this talk doesn't hold much water, there were aspects of the "good old days" which had much in them to commend. Take, for example, the gala days that used to be held on Tahunanui Beach. It is obvious from the size of the crowds here that such events were extremely popular. These pictures, taken by the late Mr Fred Jones, were shot at the beach in 1921.



Another aspect of "the good old days" was the fun park, named Coney Park by Mr Fred Jones, and operated by him in the 1920s. This was located on the north-eastern corner of Paru Paru Road and Halifax Street. As can be seen from the photograph, a small steam train was very popular hauling children and adults around the park, and a merry-go-round and chair-o-plane in the background were other amusements provided. Mr Jones also had a troupe of performing monkeys, and will also be remembered by many as the originator of that very popular show of not many years ago, "Pixietown"


Anzac Park, and two ladies out for a stroll, presents a different scene today. This picture was taken by Mr Jones in 1921 also