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Half a Century in Refrigeration

You'd think that anybody who'd been in refrigeration for 50 years would be a pretty frigid bloke. Not Charlie (or to be precise, Charles Sirander Sturrock). He's a big, warm-hearted man with an engaging personality and a lot of interesting life behind him. Now, after 50 years in the refrigeration business, Charlie is going to retire. He has had a very full working life. He began his career as a refrigeration apprentice in Christchurch in 1918 and when he came out of his time joined a big firm of refrigerator manufacturers and refrigerating engineers in Christchurch. During the Second World War he was seconded to the American Forces as a refrigeration expert and landed with them in some of the hottest trouble spots of the Pacific. He came to Nelson after the war to work for a local firm before establishing the business of Sturrock and Greenwood which today is managed by his son Bob. Charlie is now 65, but he's looking forward to his retirement in a little house at Blackwater. From here he intends to "scratch around for a bit of gold" and grow "berries". He has been a keen sportsman (he played his last game of Rugby at 51) and still does a little shooting. "I've serviced all my life, been in thousands of homes and met a lot of nice people," he told us. We wish you, Charlie, a very long and happy retirement.