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The Nelson Photo News



Teens Make the Scenes

Remember last month we posed a question in relation to pop groups? You don't? Well, we asked if you thought bands were over-amplified and if this big amplification was necessary. We asked a couple of Hi Y patrons for their views and they are printed Above.

Latest visiting group to make the scene in Nelson were the Natural Gas, comprising (Top) Don Burke, Graeme McFarlane, Barry Smith and Noel Forsyth. They were Battle of the Bands winners in Wellington.

Fashion Time


Jules Normington - "No, the groups are not too highly amplified. A high amplification is necessary to enjoy the music. Sound doesn't matter as long as the beat is there."


Sharyn Rigby -"Yes, many are over-amplified and there's no necessity for this. You can't hear the words of the singers and it's certainly not doing anyone's hearing any good."


Here are some of the latest fashion hits in Nelson as modelled by Jill Purnell and Alan Griffith. Jill is wearing a tunic suit comprising frock and slacks of pure wool. Accessories include Andy Capp cap and scarf (all from the Miss Nelson). Alan is top mod in Aywon Thoroughbred slacks flaring to 22 inches at the bottom, and a body shirt by His Lordship. This features a high style collar and puffed sleeves and double cuffs. A cravat completes the outfit. Cost of the outfit, only $21.85 at Collier's Menswear.