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Teens Make the Scene

Encouraged by the interest shown by teenagers in the pic we published last month of the Formyula, we've launched a new teenage page. This month we've devoted it all to the scene at the Y, but we've got all sorts of goodies coming up for you in the future.

How's about helping us out? You tell us what you'd like on this page, and well do our best to see you get what you want. Get it? Got it? Good! Ring us, or write us. If you've got some ideas, no matter how way out they may be, let's hear them.

To get some reaction we publish (ABOVE) a pic of a young man at the Y endeavouring to hear what his companion is screaming into his ear. Question is: do you think your pop bands are over-amplified and is this high amplification necessary?

What Do You Think? We'll be asking you directly shortly.


Band of the night at the Y was the Crystal Ship featuring, from left, Lester Ellis (guitar), Allan Palmer (leader), on drums, Dave Packer (organ), Rob Gale (bass guitar) and Bill Marr (guitar).


Receiving their entrance-exit brands from Bill Kyle, are Sue Taylor Val Packer and Judy Gribble


Man, but man, we're being sent!