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New Nile St. Bridge?

Motorists using Parkers Road and Bolt Road in and out of Parkers Road should take very special care at this intersection as controls on it have been radically altered. Since the main volume of traffic at this corner is in and out of Bolt Road (to the airport, the industrial area and the golf course), through traffic on Parkers Road must now give way to traffic emerging from Bolt Road. Previously a "Give Way" sign on Bolt Road gave the Parker's road straight-through traffic the right of way. We recommended some action be taken at this intersection many months ago and it is pleasing to see action being taken to more effectively control this very busy intersection.


Another year has come and gone and, to all outward appearances, little has been done to upgrade the standard of the launching ramp at the small boat harbour. Work commenced on the ramp several years ago. However, one must often look below the surface to see the work, and it is below the surface that the work has gone in. A huge concrete block has been laid at the bottom of the ramp, just above low water mark, to give better launching facilities at low tide. Also, some of the sheet piling that has caused damage to some boats has been removed but, as can be seen here, there still remains a block of this piling which is covered by water at a higher tide. We have been assured that something will be done to minimise the danger to boats from this piling. And if you're launching, keep well to the right-hand side of the ramp.


Recently residents of Nile Street and the surrounding area petitioned the City Council for a new traffic bridge over the Maitai River at Nile Street. This is an issue which has been discussed on and off for many years, and it is to be hoped that this latest petition is considered very carefully. Finance of course is a problem, but a decision will have to be made one day and in the meantime costs are rising steeply.