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Diggers' Page

The planting of a Lone Pine at the Marsden Valley Cemetery recalled for Bob Moore, 48 Neale Avenue, Stoke, the Gallipoli fighting, and he provided us with these top two pictures, taken by himself. At left, a view of the crowded beachhead at Anzac Cove, and above, a section (and by no means the toughest) of Walker's Ridge at Gallipoli, So far, these two bottom pics are the only ones we have had of the Second World War. At right, Ken Strange, Tom O'Boyoe and Jack MacWraith, members of 20th Battalion, Nelson-West Coast-Marlborough Regiment, dig tank trap at Mersa Matruh, 1940. At left wearing this utility utensil (it needs no further description) is a well-known Nelson personality. The utensil, made of solid gold, was part of equipment on King Farouk's yacht after seizure by the navy in the Suez Canal area.