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The Nelson Photo News



The Political Scene

(Photos: Peter Cooper Studio)

In two weeks time, one of these three men will be representing the Nelson electorate in the House of Representatives. The three candidates for the seat are Mr Stan Whitehead (Labour), the sitting Member (top left), Mr Keith Martin (Social Credit), above, and Mr Roy McLennan (National), left. Messrs Martin and McLennan are having their first taste of political campaigning.

We do not intend to make any comment on any candidate or any party here. But we do want to touch upon the political scene generally, particularly as it affects you, the voters. New Zealanders are said to be apathetic regarding politics and many and varied are the reasons advanced for this attitude. We exhort you, therefore, to take a very lively interest in this election, firstly, by getting out of those comfortable chairs and away from the tele and attending the political addresses. And when you're there, ask. questions, and the more politically embarrassing the questions, the better. And insist on an answer, and a straight answer, not an evasive one. Thisis your opportunity to examine New Zealand's political structure. Don't shut up and save your grumbles and groans until later.

Finally, Please Get Out And Cast Your Vote. You get only one, every three years. We say again: Get Out And Vote!