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The Nelson Photo News



Remembering Cook

While the Captain Cook bi-centenary celebrations were being held in Gisborne, Nelson children also ran projects to commemorate the achievements of this great explorer. The most ambitious was that of the Clifton Terrace school children. A longboat manned by a crew from the "Endeavour" brought Captain Cook (Mr R. Horder) ashore. He conferred with the "Maori ariki" (Donald Gill), above, while suspicious warriors look on, then returned to his ship. This was a first class enactment by all concerned. Left: "Waka" (canoe) cried the lookouts, and the warriors were on guard. Below Left: Before the arrival of the longboat, Maori maidens Jillian Bailey, Maxine Turner and Janet Borwick were practising their poi swinging, while Adele Nairn (below) played with her dog.



At Nelson College for Girls a group of pupils adopted the roles of those who had been intimately connected with Cook. Each was interviewed and spoke of her (or his) relationship with the explorer. The girls who took part were (from left above), Philippa Hunt, Rosemary Keith, Suzanne Carty, Marie Green, Sue Vining, Elizabeth Haley, Madeline Butler, Annette Golledge, Lynley Marshall and Jan Cousins.


At Auckland Point School, pupils embarked on various projects, the favourite of which was building models of the Endeavour. Left: Some of the Primer 4 pupils, Ian West, Mark Galletly, Bradley Crabb, Alan McKenzie, Stephen Hagerty, Richard Fisher, Helen Breek, Vicki Barton and Michael Jordan with their Endeavour. Below: Peter Harling, Gary Brand, Carl Kernahan, John Griffin and Gregory Crystal (Pr IV and Std 1). Below left: Chris McQuade, Tony Vining and John Stevenson (Std 3) made this model.