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The Nelson Photo News



Novel Raffle Draw

To augment the club finances, the Celtic Rugby Club ran a raffle for a half-size billiards table and accessories recently. Each ticket gave the purchaser the right to be present at the drawing of the raffle in the club rooms, and to watch the New Zealand billiards champion, Eric Simons, pit his skill against that of local players. In recent months a tournament was held in Nelson hotels and a representative found. He, and representatives of the City Club, Nelson Club and R.S.A. played off on the table to find a finalist to play Mr Simons. Local finalist was well-known billiards and snooker player, Norm Rout, seen at right with his first opponent, Laurie D'Eganneh (City Club). Norm lost the snooker match to Simons by two frames to one.


The new national billiards champion, Eric Simons and, at top right, Greg Piesse (R.S.A.) and Ray Barnett (Hotels). Piesse made a great comeback to beat Barnett.


A big crowd watched the games.
(Footnote: A Wanganui ticket-holder won the table).