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Mums v. Sitters

Here's a new slant on the sporting scene. Usually it's the mums who stay home while the dads get out and play their sport. On this occasion, however, the dads stayed home while the mums (called the Psychadelics) went out to win the Y.M. ladies B-grade indoor basketball competition. And at the end of the season, the mums invited the sitters to try their luck against the champs. And the sitters had the last word - winning 30-20.


The champs. Back: Netti Arnst, Maire O'Connor, Elizabeth Parfitt, Daph Akehurst. Front: Pam Bennett, Jessie McQuade (capt), Jill Hildyard. (The team's years total 242 and they have a total of 21 children).


The sitters.


Mat McKay, Reg Akehurst, Keith Parfitt, Rod Sharlett (a ring-in). Front: Bill Hildyard, Don Bennett and Mike McQuade. Above, below left and below; Some tense moments during this titanic struggle.