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The Nelson Photo News



"Yeoman Of The Guard"

(Photos: Peter Cooper Studio)

Here comes the musical treat of the year. Nelson Operatic Society is this year producing Gilbert and Sullivan's "Yeomen of the Guard", considered to be the finest musical made by them. The show is being produced by Len Assheton-Harbord, with Keith Woods, as musical director. And we can promise you a great show - a very colourful show. It will have a seven-day season, from October 4 to 11.


Elsie Maynard (Barbara Lane), a strolling player, and her Jester (Jack Point), who have leading roles in the show.


Unwilling advances from jailer Shadbolt (Ron McDougall) are repulsed by Phoebe (Betty Don).


The Yeomen, on guara.


Most of the cast is included in this pic.