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The Nelson Photo News



(Photos: Kingsford and Baigent) Masonic Ball


Nine young ladies, looking very lovely in their white ball gowns, made their bows at the annual debutante ball of the Masonic Lodge. The girls, with their partners (above), were: Marilyn Barlow (Wayne Logan), Valerie Gibbs (Robin Greig), Julie Perriam (Wayne Redditt), Jillian Barnes (Tim Robinson), Gloria Boyes (Barry Knutson), Jean Black (William Harrison), Glenda Burns (Gavin Hedwig), Julie Mant (Kim Harris), Linda Taylor (Robert Barnett).


Below are the proud parents. From left: Mr and Mrs G. Benbow, Mr and Mrs L. F. Barlow, Mr and Mrs T. W. S. Barnes, Mr and Mrs M. Gibbs, Mr and Mrs D. H. Boyes, Mr and Mrs K. W. Burns, Mr and Mrs T. R. Perriam, Mr and Mrs D. M. Black and Mr and Mrs J. H. Mant.