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The Nelson Photo News



Loung Service

(Photos: John R. Sharp)

Mr and Mrs Philip Littlejohh were presented with a canteen of cutlery and an easy chair in recognition of Phil's 40 years' service to W. D. and H. O. Wills, at a recent staff function at Motueka. They are seen at left, with Mr P. G. Fulton (centre) who made the presentation.

At the function were (above) Messrs A. Mansfield, Dennis Franklin, Doug Hyland, Owen Grooby and Stan Splttal. Below: Looks as if Bert Goodall, manager Peter Wild and Brian Jenkins had serious matters to discuss, but (centre left) Mrs Stan Spittal, Wendy Thomas and Mrs Glynne Franklin appeared a little gayer.


Basil Hartshorne, Arthur Reynolds and Bill Hart are also engrossed in conversation.


Enjoying the function were David Kay, "Rusty" Chater and John Reid.