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The Nelson Photo News



Savages Run Aground

A whole shipload of Nelson Savage Club members and their wives ran aground while sailing through Nelson City recently. Fortunately they were able to scramble ashore at the Old Folks' Hall where, quite undaunted by their experiences, they fell to and had a shipwreck ball. A tremendous amount of fun had by all. Judged the best-dressed for the occasion were Curtis Ross and Ada Milne, left. Prepared for all contingencies (above) were Phil and Isobel Wood. Featuring what the best-dressed shipwrecked couple should wear were Betty and Elston Blain, while Bill and Maude Newsome appeared to be heading for the South Pacific. Throughout the evening John Reynolds had great trouble with his pyjama coat buttons (bottom right).



Among those rescued were Daphne Benbow, George and Sybil Everett and George Benbow.


Wally and Heather Duff escaped in their night attire, but in the confusion when the ship struck, it looks as if William Hood and his wife Buntie scrambled into each other's clothes (above).


Making whoopee during the costume judging: Anne and Curtis Ross and Pauline and Brian Davis.


That lifebuoy must have saved quite a few lives. Hanging on to it this time are Ralph and Liz Price and Val and Clarrie Borland.