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The Nelson Photo News



A Round With Keth Foxton

With a few hints on putting, the only point not raised so far by former Nelson Golf Club professional, Keith Foxton, we end this series of golfing pages. We haven't seen anybody walking around with a "Photo News" in one hand and a club in the other, but from comments we have heard we know that some of the points Keith explained in the series have been very helpful to golfers - especially the higher-handicap players.

There are two basic grips used when putting. One, at top left, is to keep both thumbs on the top of the shaft. The other, left, is to put the forefinger of the left hand down over the knuckles. This is the more general grip. Body Movement in putting must be kept to a minimum. A good J stance is the one shown above. The knees are locked in a "knocked knee" stance. Try and keep the hands close to the body, even brushing the thighs. This keeps the hands in a straighter line through the stroke. The ball should be towards the left heel, and it should be stroked smoothly, as if delivering a bowl. A short back swing and follow through is recommended for shorter putts. Rap the ball rather than steer it for such putts.