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Top N.Z. Award

Mr "Wattie" B. Brockie, of 21 Sutton Street, Richmond, enhanced his reputation as one of New Zealand's leading horticulturists in the native plant field by winning the plant raisers' award of the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture for 1968. The award was announced recently, and earlier this month, Mr Raymond Mole, vice-president of the Wellington district council of the institute, came to Richmond to present Mr Brockie with his medallion (above). Mr Brockie won the award for a variety of flax he has grown, "Smiling Morn". The flax, with orange-pink leaves and cream and green stripes, had its beginning 30 years ago when Mr Brockie, then a horticulturist at the Botanic Gardens, Christchurch, noticed an unusual variety of flax growing in the gardens. "Stalling Morn" is a descendant of this flax. The colouring of this flax is certainly unusual, but is not as striking as another variety he has grown, "Aurora". The latest variety has a mixture of colours in the leaf, but none as predominant as an unusual shade of vivid red. This is likely to be another award winner.


Mr Brockie with his flax, "Smiling Morn".


Nelson city horticulturist, Ron Branford, has a closer look.


Nelson horticulturists and friends turned up to see the award presented and to offer congratulations to Mr Brockie.