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Tag Wrestling Poor Fare

Tag wrestling can be very exciting and tremendous entertainment, but not if the participants are below standard. And that's just what wrestling fans received at the Stoke Memorial Hall when the Polynesians jousted with The Wild Ones. Our own opinion was that the only wild ones in the hall were those who paid quite big sums of money to watch the mediocre entertainment served up by the four participants in the ring. The pix we took make the bout appear an exciting one. These pix were taken during the isolated moments when actual wrestling was in progress. For the most part, foot stomping and hair grappling were the main tools of their trade. Might we suggest to the Nelson association that they examine carefully the antecedents of future so-called wrestlers before they engage them. Wrestling in Nelson last year was well patronised because the association put on some terrific bouts. The most recent rubbish can only turn fans away.