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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera

Above and right: Nelson, Richmond and Stoke Jaycees and milkmen operating in these areas huve every reason to be pleased with themselves. With the co-operation of the milkmen, the three chapters among them raised $540 towards the $6000 national V.S.A. project. The money was collected through milk tokens, and is to be spent on an irrigation project in the Nampong district of Thailand.


Members of the three chapters hard at it opening appeal envelopes and counting tokens and money.


Allan Kneale and Nelson president, Sam Taylor, counting tokens.


The big expanse of ground at the north eastern corner of Nelson Airport is now bexng used for hockey fields. This big area could easily be developed into a first-class playing area. At present, however, it is undulating and bumpy and in one spot quite swampy. It is pleasing, however, to see it in use.