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The Nelson Photo News



"Murder in the Cathedral"

We go to press two days before Garrick Theatre presents its production of T. S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral", so we do not know how well the theatre-going public patronised this major work. We would, however, be extremely disappointed if the scene- for this powerful play, Nelson Cathedral, was not packed each night, for never has a play of this sort had a more realistic setting, and the cast, when we watched a rehearsal, seemed to gain inspiration from the atmosphere of the pillared cathedral and its high altar. Inset left and bottom left are co-producers, Janet Coote and Michael Allison. The lead role of Thomas Becket was played by Ren Olykan (above). At left, the murder scene. The knights are Arthur Bandy, Barry Scott (obscured), John Craighead and John Dugdale.


The Women of Canterbury. At back: Ethel Christie, Jeannette Mackay, Viv-ienne Greenfield, Helena Wrenn, Peggy Brough, Colleen Hay. Front: Rewa Walsh, Nanette Haack, Molly Dickinson, and Verna Burrows.