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Packing Case Structure

We received recently a letter from a resident ("Concerned") with a complaint about "the hideous structure" erected opposite a very modern warehouse built recently. "Would you, as a public citizen, be allowed to erect a monstrosity such as this in a secluded spot let alone on a public thoroughfare such as Halifax Street," he wrote. Upon making further inquiries we ascertained that the structure referred to was the enclosure (above), a car packing case, used by the Nelson Fire Brigade Social Club to screen from public eyes a great heap of coal which it sells to augment club funds. We referred the complaint to the secretary of the Fire Board (Mr W. E. McCullough) who answered as follows: "The property is owned by the Fire Board which raised no objection to the use of it by the brigade for its coal project. However, the requirement that the enclosure be painted was not complied with quickly enough," The enclosure has been painted, and a roof erected over part of it to keep sacks dry is to be demolished, we were told by a member of the brigade. No permission to erect a roof had been given by any of the authorities, we learned.