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The Nelson Photo News



A Round With Keith Foxton

no 13: Par 4

Keith Foxton, former professional at the Nelson Golf Club, continues this feature on a round of the Nelson club course. At each hole he places himself difficult situations well-known to all golfers, and explains how to recover from them. While this feature applies expressly to the Nelson course, the tips on playing each hole can be applied to all golfers on any course.

As this hole is a tough distance for the longer handicap players, forget about trouble and try for distance. Here, my drive lands me on the face of a hill on the right (below right), leaving me with an uphill lie for my second. As I am liable to hook with such a lie, I take my stance slightly right of the target, and as if this is a flat lie. But I must keep in mind that the slope of the hill will tilt me and will place more weight on my right foot. Do not endeavour to place more weight on the right foot intentionally as below. Using a club with two more lofts than required, try and swing as if you are on a flat surface. The ball should be about in line with the left heel if you are using an iron, and slightly more forward if using a wood.


no 14 par 4

In A Bad Lie

Major trouble at this hole is to be encountered on the right, therefore tee up closest to the trouble and aim along the line shown above. If there is to be a slice, then there should be room for it if this aiming point is observed. In this case I do slice and the ball stops in the rough on the right and in a bad lie under the hill right. Now, too many golfers attempt to play such a shot looking for too much length, and use a low-loft iron or wood from such a lie. Select a club with sufficient loft to clear the hill. Keep the face slightly closed in such a lie (bleow) and hit firmly down on to the back of the ball. This should enable you to get into a good position for a third shot to the green.