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The Nelson Photo News



The Holdaways Reunite

Descendants of John and Amelia Holdaway, who arrived in Nelson in 1841 and 1842, gathered in Blenheim for a family reunion earlier this month. During the reunion, 110 descendants travelled to Nelson to visit several places of historic interest to the family. First stop was at 76 Halifax Street, the old Holdaway residence (above). Later, a plaque over the grave of John and Amelia, at the Richmond cemetery, was unveiled by Mary Holdaway (left), and keen photographers made sure the event was captured on film (below). Among descendants there were Jennifer and Nicola Hair (bottom left), Arthur Holdaway, Kate Moss, Maud Allcott, Gladys Papps and Grace Holdaway (below centre), and Mary and Lester Holdaway, the Rev D.Stubbs and Ken Woodley (bottom right), with Jim Eyles, (extreme left), Nelson Museum curator.