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The Nelson Photo News





Robbrtson-Flintoft. Cheryl Nan, third daughter of Mr and Mrs R. L. Flintoft, Gardners Valley, Upper Moutere, to Gordon Alexander, eldest son of Mr and Mrs B. A. Robertson, Tatu, King Country. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Mclachlan-Johnston. Teresa Anne, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs B. A. Johnston, 483 Waimea Road, Nelson, to Leonard William, twin son of Mr and Mrs J. McLachlan, 8 Jenner Road, Nelson. (Peter Cooper Studio).

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Hadfield-Holman. Leonie Dianne, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs H. Holman, Sydney, to Gordon Roger, son of Mr and Mrs W. R. Hadfield, Awaroa, Takaka. (Rod Neill Studio).


Smith-Jordan. Janet Frances, twin daughter of Mr and Mrs C. M. Jordan, Doyedale, to Alister John, second son of Mr and Mrs L. Smith, 26 Talbot Street, Richmond. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Mallinson-Andrews. Kay Doreen, youngest daughter of Mrs and the late Mr D. I. Andrews, Ikamatua, to Reid John, youngest son of Mr and Mrs A. J. Mallinson, Dobson. (Peter Cooper Studio).