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News From Home

When we commenced "News From Home" in the last issue of "Photo News", we expressed the hope that readers would co-operate and participate in this feature designed for those members of their families, relatives or friends, living or touring abroad. Our intention is to include a little "news from home" in each issue, by photographing their loved ones back in Nelson and keeping them up-to-date on the news back home. We hope, also, that in time we'll hear from the people concerned overseas. The response so far has been encouraging and it appears that the feature will become a regular one. But, folks, keep that information rolling in to us. Your Friends And Relatives Would Love To See You In "News From Home".


Some time ago we published a picture of Pauline Meikle, working in the Solomon Islands, in "Photo News". Well, Pauline has finished her two-year stint there and is on her way home. At the moment she is having a break in Australia during the trip back to New Zealand. She is planning to arrive back on March 21, on her parents' wedding anniversary. At right, a pic for you Pauline, of mum and dad (Peggy and Bruce) and sister Shirley, a talented young pianist. Jennifer, as you probably heard, Pauline, recently returned from a trip to Japan with fellow Canterbury University students.


Some news for and about John Barnes, a son of Mr and Mrs C. Barnes, 49 Croucher Street, Richmond. John, a medical orderly for two years at Nelson Public Hospital, went to England about a year ago and is a male nurse at Saxondale Hospital, Nottinghamshire. John recently became engaged to Maureen Virgo, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Virgo, Notts. She is also a nurse at the hospital. That's John and Maureen below. We had to copy a colour print of the happy couple. Sorry it's a bit blurred, John. Hope you like the pic of mum and dad and sister Judy. We hear you're likely to return to New Zealand with Maureen in a couple of years. See you then.