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The Gisborne Photo News




At a recent meeting of the Gisborne City Council, the Mayor, Mr H. H. Barker, suggested that a reward of £100 be offered for information leading to the apprehension of those deliberately destructive people who are responsible for the recent outbreak of vandalism in city reserves.

Among the acts of vandalism which were mentioned, was the breaking of young Norfolk pines planted along the beach front, the removal of flowers from their beds in the Botanical Gardens, and the breaking of every window in the dressing sheds at Barry Park.


Broken windows in the dressing sheds at Barry Park


A young Norfolk Pine tree planted on the beach front has had its top completely torn off. This one survived. Some of them did not, and had to be replaced.


A daffodil flower bed in the botanical gardens which has had many of its flowers removed. In front can be seen bare stalks from which they have been cut.