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The Gisborne Photo News



Roving Camera

Members or the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Youth Group, are at present very busy renovating an old building at the rear of the church. When completed, the building will provide them with a modern coffee lounge, to be called "The Island", which they hope to open within two months.

Pictured above are some of the group's members, enthusiastically tackling their various jobs during a recent working bee.


John Dow patching a wall


Christine Renalds and Raoni Hay cleaning out an old gas sterilizer


Gareth Hannah and David Rutherford attacking a wall with gusto


The Waihirere Maori Concert Party primary and junior teams which were awarded the best team performance in their sections at the annual Maori competitions for 1962. The teams, combined for the picture, are, from left, 5th row: F. Bryant, J. Collier, B. Te Ua, J. Terekia, S. Tiepa, R. Haronga, B. Kingi, A. Kingi. 4th row: N. Poki, M. Kingi, K. Kingi, N. Kingi, T. Kingi, M. Poki, A. Tiepa. 3rd row: M. Kingi, R. Kerekere, P. Collier, G. Kingi, G. Terekia, R. Kerekere. 2nd row: G. Terikia, C. Tiepa, H. Tiepa, D. Kingi, T. K. Kingi, P. Collier. 1st row: H. Kerekere, T. Kingi, A. Kerekere, M. Collier, and L. Kingi.