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The Gisborne Photo News



Outback School

The new Whakarau School, one of the district's more remote educational establishments, was opened last month, when the ceremony was attended by a large number of district residents and former pupils. The school is situated about 20 miles from Te Karaka, on the Motu Front Road. Residents levelled the land and fenced it, and made a horse paddock for the convenience of the 13 pupils on the roll.

Among those present were Mr F. I. Faram, member of the Hawkes Bay Education Board, who performed the opening ceremony; Mr P. L. Page, managing secretary of the board; and Mr T. H. Morgan. Mr J. McMillan, chairman of the school committee, presided.


A view of the opening ceremony, with the new building in the background.


Mr Faram at the door of the school with Mrs A. Shaw, the original teacher.


Seated in front of this group, Mrs Shaw is with three original pupils of the school, Mr Archie Smith, Mrs K. Davis and Miss Jessie Smith. At rear are other ex-pupils; Robin Henderson, Dick Maclean, Sam Thompson, Miss Babette Davis, Mrs B. Thompson, Mrs M. Robb, Ron Davis, and Geoff Smith.
(Pictures By Eastland Photographers)