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The Gisborne Photo News



"The Whole Truth" Repertory Thriller

The Gisborne Repertory Society's Memorial Hall production was a thriller, but would be better described as a "he-dun-it" than a "who-dun-it":- the audience was well aware of who the killer was shortly after .the opening of the play. The interest lay in working out how the rotter would inevitably give himself away.


A scene from Act One. The set depicted the London apartment of a successful film producer.


Producer June Irvine, stage manager Hugh Chamberlain, with the cast. Left to right the cast are: seated; Denise Suttor (Brenda Paulton), Tony Singer (Lewis Paulton), Casey Smith (Marion) standing; Jack Lucas (Inspctor Brett), Graham Press (police sergeant), Michael Brice (Carliss), Rita Gelissen (Deenie).