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The Gisborne Photo News




Philappa Foxley, the longest serving volunteer in Gisborne's Citizens Advice Bureau who started in the 1st training session in 1978, has retired from active duty & was Guest of Honour at a luncheon held at the Marina Restaurant.


Nancy Sibley with the Guest of Honour, Philappa Foxley.


The Volunteers are from left, standing, Janie Crooks, Dawn Ford, Joan Maxfield, Marj Godwin, Pat Forrester, Menza Brown, Allison Ross, Monica Foley, Nora O'Connell Joan Gledhell, Audri McLachlan, Trish Naden, Naomi Shanks & Pat Miller. Seated, from left: Joyce King, Jane Dixen, Peggy Mossman, Nancy Sibley, Philappa Foxley, Kath Chadwick, Tony Bain & Betty Hair.