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The Gisborne Photo News



Life With Father

Time spun backwards 70 years in the Opera House last week.

Flowing gowns of the late 1880's brushed across the stage as the Day family went about their life — their "Life With Father" — in their New York home.

Responsible for the transformation was the Gisborne Repertory Society, which scored one of its best comedy successes with Merle Bell's production of the Clarence Day play.

The story of a proud father's frustration in attempting to rule the lives of his family was skilfully handled by Mrs Bell and the cast of 15.


Straight from the family albums: Back row, "Clarence" (Stuart Williams), "John" (Maurice Hacche) and "Whitney" (Anton Low); front row, "Father" (Edward Leeds), "Harlan" (Oliver Kissling) & "Vinnie" (Muriel Swindell)


Father, the backbone — and jawbone — of the family, dominates scene at breakfast table


Realistic costumes and furniture gave the play true atmosphere of America in the 1880's.


Looking very much the American belle is Patty Bridge, who played role of "Mary Skinner".


"Vinnie", the mother, with "the Rev. Dr. Lloyd", played by Tony Singer, and "Dr Humphrey" (Laurie Reenberg).


"Cora", played by Florence Fahy, keeps her hands warm the good old 1880 way.


There's no shortage of maids in the Day household: "Annie" (Patricia Dallas), "Delia" (Joyce Ball), "Maggie" (Ngaire Collett), "Nora" (Hine Humphreys) and "Margaret" the cook (Dorothea Wornall-Smith).