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The Gisborne Photo News



The New Monthly Community Photo Magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010 Gisborne. Office: 31 Gladstone Road Gisborne.
The photos taken in this magazine are in colour and orders for copies will be available after publication.
The Editor and Staff of the all new Gisborne Photo News cordially invite you, the people of Gisborne, to enjoy the spirit with which this record was compiled. Yes the Photo News is back to provide a pictorial coverage of most of the events and activities that have occurred in our area in the extended period since Christmas 1992. Essentially this edition of the Photo News is new but old, different but the same and incorporating a continuing history of the community of Gisborne.
The success of this venture depends entirely on the cooperation that people can give in terms of moral and physical support to us, and the organisations that work hard to set up opportunities for people to be out and about. These events and activities provide the venues at which our cameras can make this photographic record. You are invited to submit photos and information that you consider to be of interest to the people of Gisborne. We will provide a tasteful record of the history of this area as it unfolds. However we do not necessarily agree with the underlying motives or views of the material that we do publish.
Similarly the Gisborne Photo News will endeavour to be consistent in its presentation so that we will not intentionally show people or events in such a manner that brings ridicule to them.
Please enjoy this edition and many more.
Editor / Photos: Ginny Sherriff, Bernadette Haerewa, Ross Moodie.
Production & Design: John Stirton.
Advertising Representative: Mare Hodges.
Phone: (06) 867 2262
Printed by: Logan Print Ltd.