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The Gisborne Photo News



Past & Present

The Post Office which stood at the present day site of Heipipi Park was completed in 1903. Originally this building had a clock tower and parapets which were removed in the early 1930s after an earthquake The clock was placed in a monument which was erected in memory of Mr R. D. B. Robinson who had served as Town Clerk for 42 years. We now refer to that monument as The town clock The Post Office Building was eventually demolilshed in 1966 after another earthquake caused structural damage. "The present day Heipipi Park features a monument carved in the form of a Taihu to recognize the early explorers and to represent the pride and respect we have of our canoe culture. This Taihu depicts an ancestry from the beginning of time to the present day.

Courtesy Gisborne Museum & Arts Centre



Inner Basin, peace and tranquility Anzac Day, a time to reflect.


Jenny Dalrymple and Michael Callaghan on duty on the first day of school


Rachel Porter, Star centre.