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The Gisborne Photo News



Can You Imagine...?

Or even ... Are You Capable of imagining your 13-year-old daughter having to leave school — Because suddenly she has no father! Because her mother can't support her. Then consider Mai Hoang Phuong (Right). She is a Vietnamese girl, 13 years old, and one of a family of five children. She has no father now — he was arrested by the Military Police on a charge of deserting the Army. Her two brothers are in the Army (away from home) and have no money to send back to the rest of the family. Her mother supported Phuong, Phuong's sister, and three-year-old brother by working — As A Builder's Labourer — but developed a stomach ulcer and is now too weak to work. The mother and three children live in a One Roomed stone dwelling where there is no furniture (sold for food) and only mats on the floor. And they have to BUY water! Sponsorship of the family would mean that Phuong. could go back to school (which she has had to leave to literally eat) and the three-year-old be assured of a much improved diet. Members of Gisborne Rotaract raised $100 recently from a car wash project. This was presented to Save The Children — and will keep the Mai Huongs for one year.


Rotaract representative Viv Bell (left) presents the $100 cheque to Gisborne Save The Children president Gwenda Crawshaw. Also consider — some people have been known to lose a hundred dollars on a race horse in less than two minutes, while others spend that much on grog in less than two months!