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The Continental Sound

The East Coast Sight

Members of the public, in places on the coast from Tikitiki down to Gisborne, will soon have the opportunity to see man against horse-and-rider. This will be in a sponsored race which will start from Tikitiki on August 29 and finish in Gisborne about noon on August 31. Proceeds from the race will be divided thus, the winner to take 60% for the society he represents, and the loser 40% for the society he represents.


A large crowd filled the Girls High School Assembly Hall for the one-night programme by “The Continentals,” a combined group of singers and orchestra from the U.S.A. They are touring New Zealand under the auspices of Youth For Christ. Their sound is bold and the voices of the twenty-five members of the singing group blend beautifully.


John Burns (left), who will run on foot for the I.H.C. Society, and John Buchanan, who will ride “Alaric” (centre) for the Gisborne Riding Club For The Disabled.