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The Gisborne Photo News



Pix from The Past


We are indebted to Mr and Mrs L. W. Markie, 35 Wairere Road, Wainui, for this rare picture (ABOVE) of the harbour area before excavation took place for the Kaiti Basin or inner harbour. This photograph would have been taken before 1924. Prior to this several harbour schemes were proposed before the Turanganui River was actually diverted to the end of Waikanae Beach, Butlers Wall constructed and, finally, the excavation of the above area. Between 1925 and 1931 the Korua (the dredge engaged on the total harbour/river diversion scheme) excavated 1,920,000 tons of spoil!


Also from Mr and Mrs Markie comes this picture of Gladstone Road taken 100 years ago, in 1874. The Coronation (originally Wilson's Argyll) and Masonic Hotels can be seen as they were when first built (at left centre), while a few blocks further on stretch the wild Roebuck Plains — and beyond!