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The Gisborne Photo News



Ever Impressive

As impressive as always, the September Cook Hospital graduation ceremony lost none of its sense of occasion this year. Four general nurses, eight community nurses and one six-month maternity student graduated.

The hand...

That my hand shall ever extend to help, comfort and relieve the sick and suffering.

The foot...

That my feet not falter, loiter nor linger when journeying to alleviate the sick.

The knee...

That my knee shall bow to the Almighty Creator

in asking for guidance and aid in my endeavour

to relieve the suffering of the sick.

The breast...

That my breast shall be a safe and sacred repository

for any secret entrusted to me or divulged through

sickness or delirium or otherwise obtained.

The head...

That I will constantly pursue and study the secret arts; that I will exercise my knowledge to the benefit of those suffering bodily or mental distress, and will disseminate such knowledge amongst others as my preceptors authorise and direct.


From left, prize-winners are Nurses J. M. Gaskill (Hall cup), M. E. Wright (Miss Bunt Rose-bowl) and Community Nurse M. A. O'Conner (Laing Memorial trophy). They are pictured with maternity graduate, Nurse Gertrude Benham.


General nurses to graduate were, from left, Carol Elsmore, Annette Harper, Wanda Gordon and Sandra Carmine.


The scroll which is presented to the general nurse gradu-ands.


Community nurses to graduate were, from left, Christine Kerekere, Jacqueline Karauria, Dianne Brown, Terrence Pennefather, Carol Clark, Christine Gorringe and Kerry Hobbs. Absent: Jenny Ngatai.