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The Gisborne Photo News



Pictures From The Past

From Mrs W. S. D' Arcy, who now lives in Wanganui, come these pictures taken over forty years ago.


These arches decorated the corners of Peel Street and Gladstone Road for the city's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1927.


This bullock team and wagon also took part in the Golden Jubilee celebrations.


Mrs D'Arcy's parents lived at Otoko, near the Waikohu River for forty years, and the family saw many cars caught in the river in the early days. This was when cars forded the rivers instead of having the luxury of a bridge. Typical of the times was when Whitfield's service car was trapped by a sudden flood in May, 1929. The engine stalled and in no time the car was surrounded by rising waters. Mrs D'Arcy's father, the late Mr J. G. Swarbrick, got the passengers out on his horse then tied a rope to the car which was swept up to the bank. It was a proper write-off however.


Of great interest now is this shot of the old fire engine which also took part in the jubilee parade.


The car caught in the river.


The car after its punishment.