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The Gisborne Photo News



Bank's Donations

The Hawkes Bay and Gisborne Savings Bank made its final donations for the year recently. Representatives from local organisations attended a gathering to receive the bank's cheques.


Mr A. G. McHugh ( a bank trustee), Mrs R. Steed (I.H.C.) receiving donation from Mr D. H. Miller (trustee), Miss O. Brown (Registered Nurses), and Mr N. Nicholson (bank manager).


Other representatives attending were Mrs J. G. Francis (Plunket), Mr A. J. Bartlett (Crippled Children), Mr R. W. James (St. John), Mrs J. Lyle (Red Cross), Mr R. Reeves (Y.M.C.A.), Mrs E. J. Meade (Olympic Pool) and Captain E. Scherf (Edward Murphy).


Pictured after receiving donations also are Mr A. H. Jones (Old Folks), Mr I. S. Beck (Youth Hostel), Mr H. G. Intemann (Scouts), Mrs J. McKay (Girl Guides), Mr D. A. Wells (S.P.C.A.), Mrs H. McLeod (Royal Life Saving Society), and Mrs M. B. Mason (Hard of Hearing).